Adorned with the clang of temple bells, Osian , an ingolden within the Thar desert and an historical town within the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, India, may be the gateway to Thar Desert and linked for the renowned Reggies Camel Camps. This age previous town attracts nature loving travellers who like to explore the rural charisma and rural way of life of Rajasthan. This city houses several ancient Jain and Hindu temples, some temples dating back to 8th to 11th centuries. Once credited as the main religious hub with the Marwar Kingdom during Pratihara Dynasty, presently owes several modern services maintaining its historical religious traditions and temple rituals intact.

To experience actual heaven on Earth, one needs to pay a visit to this temple town often have the atmosphere of spiritual seclusion. For the true lover of historical architecture and creative style, Osian reveals all its prosperity, Osian is worth going to. Tourists can mingle with rural folks and take part in many religious rituals and expertise actual Rajasthan in Osian. .

The temple complex in Osian is the key attraction, with 18 shrines within the group and it is famous for its stylish sculptures and architectures. Out of those temples, Sachiya Mata temple, Jain temple built of neighborhood red sandstone with Mahaveera because the Key deity, the Sun temple and also the Kali temple stands out because the grandeur monuments as a result of its architectural type and traditions.

This is really a paradise for tourists who search for the exploration of Indian lifestyle and traditions. 1 can enterprise out for Camel Safari in Osian and to have religious enlightenment by visiting the renowned historical temples.