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Location: Jaisalmer Fort - In the very heart of Jaisalmer
Built in:
Highlights Jaisalmer Fort : Architecture, miniatures and Bazaars
How to Reach: Better to take an auto-rickshaw or a rickshaw of visiting Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort Tour in Jailasmer :
Jaisalmer Fort can be a monument really worth going to and worth retaining inside your aware thoughts. Like several other metropolitan areas of Rajasthan, in Jaisalmer as well you might locate various aspects of its personal glorious heritage. Although you are able to locate historical monuments scattered all more than the town, the Jaisalmer Fort will right away command your attention. Created of sand stones and locally known as Sonar Quila, the Jaisalmer Fort is really a dominating framework amidst sands.
The city is said to be founded by one Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput ruler, in roughly 1156 A D. Legends go by that he did it to the behest of the nearby hermit named Eesaal. The raja pick out Trikuta hill as the new web page for his fort as his before adobe at Luderwa(16 k.m from existing Jaisalmer) was too vulnerable to his ease and comfort. But it really should normally be stored in mind that these legends are a lot of the time product of conscious minds which can be quite vulnerable for the oriental exaggeration.

Jaisalmer fort will be the second oldest in Rajasthan. 200 and fifty feet tall and reinforced by imposing crenellated sandstone wall thirty feet substantial; it's 99 bastions, 92 of which were constructed in between 1633 and 1647. Wells within the fort still give a typical supply of water. Even nowadays, you'll discover that nearly one fourth with the older city's population resides within the fort. If you are a student of cross-cultural merging, the delicate fusion of Rajput and Islamic architectural styles, visible in this fort, will catch your fancy. Ganesh Pol, Akshya Pol, Suraj Pol and Hawa Pol certainly are a must see.